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15 Lessons Learned From Online Teaching

As you begin to venture into the world of online teaching this fall, here are some important lessons I've learned.

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We Are All Digital Citizens

While where, what, how, and who we can access has evolved. At the core, it’s still human to human relationships co-existing in communities online and in real life. As citizens, we must ask why are we creating, connecting, communicating, and collaborating and how does it build our communities. Because it will dictate what digital tools future generations create.

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Launch Your Class to the Moon and Back

Everyone can get in on this celebration. Use the excitement to unite around the lunar theme, and then use the momentum and the resources below to engage your students and school with the narratives of the Moon this Oct 5 (and the school year ahead)!

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Making the Classroom Ready for Educational Media

The school year is coming! The school year is coming! As schools across the country are opening for a brand new year, excitement mounts. Teachers are making new classroom arrangements and bulletin boards. This is a great time to think about the new ways you want to add technology to your classroom and create a media rich environment from the moment your new students enter the room.

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Five Steps For Integrating Computer Science in the Classroom

In celebration of Computer Science Education Week, (Dec. 3-9), we’re offering classroom-friendly tips and resources that you can use to introduce young learners to coding, storytelling, and creative problem-solving! 

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PBS Digital Innovators Take Students Across Miles and Time Zones: The Egg Drop Challenge

The Egg Drop Challenge is an opportunity for students to stretch their engineering minds by creating a structure that will protect a raw egg from a specifically measured fall. Throughout the process, three classrooms came together and teleconferenced through Zoom to share ideas, revelations, and to take advantage of real-time collaboration. For teachers and students, what truly stood out was the incredibly different experience of the various parties.

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War Games: Gamifying the Vietnam War and teaching 'The Things They Carried'

For my 11th-Grade American Literature students the Vietnam War was as far away from them as World War II was from O’Brien the day that he received his draft notice. I used BreakoutEDU to help students experience the feelings of separation and camaraderie caused by being drafted into, and serving in, the Vietnam War.

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Using Virtual Team Teaching to Connect Classrooms

Ready to start collaborating with other educators? Here are top 3 suggestions as you venture into the world of redefined digital collaboration.

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How Games Can Be a Centerpiece for Student-Driven Learning

Make games the driver of experiential learning in your classroom

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